Getting started with Doctor Who reviews

Hello there. We’re going to start off this blog with some reviews of the new Doctor Who show, starting with Eccleston (the Ninth Doctor) and working forward. I like old Who just fine, but I’m not covering it for now because my access to it is very incomplete, and I’d be annoyed every time an episode became available that I’d already passed.

As time goes by, reviews of other things will probably start to pop up. Some of these reviews will be more detailed than others. Some will be more subjective than others. Some might even cross into the land of the Personal Essay. I might even get ambitious and talk about mathy-sciency stuff or just reflect on life in general.

Anyway, first things first, I’ll post the nuWho reviews I’ve already posted elsewhere. Ratings are roughly as follows:
4 – Really good
3 – Good
2 – Lacking
1 – Ugh
I expect to like most of the episodes in most seasons, so my ranking will be skewed relative to a more discerning Whovian. Also: I’m not super-serious about the show. I don’t claim to know every nook and cranny in its trivia. I just like talking about things that I like, analyzing them, praising and criticizing them, and hopefully providing some new perspective or insight to others.

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