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MST3K 11×04: A New Slope

“Every color of wrong coming straight out of you. That’s impressive.” The movie: Avalanche, which delivers what it promises if you don’t look too closely OK: That love song segment is long but brilliant. The titles list is pretty funny … Continue reading

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nuWho 1×11: Boom Town

Maybe it’s just me, but this is an unassuming little title. It feels like it should rouse interest, but it doesn’t. Anyway, on with the actual episode. The episode opens with, oh dear, a recap of the Slitheen two-parter. At … Continue reading

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MST3K 11×03: The Search For Danny

“We only have ten minutes before the real scientists return from lunch, let’s do this!” Movie: The Time Travellers, a generic title for a fairly generic movie OK: The riffing pace is back within mortal parameters, and again the vast … Continue reading

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Easter 2017

Easter this year finds me in the midst of a lot of real-life upheaval and change, notably with a baby learning to walk, but all hopefully for the eventual best. As such, even though I’m buckling down to recommit myself … Continue reading

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MST3K 11×02: Attack of the Clone

Caveat: I watched this episode in a noisy room late at night, so I missed some of what was going on. Movie: Cry Wilderness, which is definitely not intended to ensnare DVD buyers looking for Cry, the Beloved Country OK: … Continue reading

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MST3K 11×01: The Reptilicus Menace

We Kickstarter backers got to see the first episode on Sunday. I was quietly, warmly excited in the days leading up, confident that it would be something special. Sunday came, and KJ and I had lunch and sat down to … Continue reading

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It’s the not-too-distant future!

It’s hard to pick out all the reasons I’ve been so much more excited for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival than for other, bigger things, like the Star Wars revival. It may be partly because they are bigger things, … Continue reading

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