MST3K 11×02: Attack of the Clone

“At some point in your life, you might have to resort to YouTube to finish your film. This is okay.”

Caveat: I watched this episode in a noisy room late at night, so I missed some of what was going on.

Movie: Cry Wilderness, which is definitely not intended to ensnare DVD buyers looking for Cry, the Beloved Country

OK: The movie is dumb but does have some nice scenery, as someone remarks towards the end. Too bad most of it seems to be stock footage. There are some good zingers, and the rapid-fire riffing during one long string of stock footage animals is fun. The last host segment was good too.

It stinks: Several people have complained about the pace of the riffing being too much. I think this was an issue in this episode, with the riffers jamming in a lot of comments, one on top of the other, that weren’t all that funny. Sometimes you have to pick the best joke or two and then drop the rest.

Saaay . . .: Was this movie written by or for eight-year-olds? Even setting logic holes and simplistic plot aside, the adults get irrationally angry at the boy lead or otherwise change moods for no comprehensible reason.

I found the first in-movie host segment, where the bots decide being raccoons looks like fun, to be more cute than funny. Sometimes TRTB (the riffers that be) just decide they want to play out a bit from the movie themselves as a host segment. Another example of this is when Joel plays out the “You’re STUCK here!” scene from Fugitive Alien.

The cameo segment was a nice surprise.

I was also surprised to see Jonah bring out the cutouts again. I guess that’s going to be a thing for him? I’m game.

The bit where Jonah explains that Kinga wants him to play out his capture every single episode is more of the odd meta I’ve been noticing. We’ll see going forward how they exploit this angle for more entertainment.

Push the button: I would have to watch this again, awake and without distractions, to rate it confidently, but I felt like it was just an okay episode. It’s memorable for the laughing Indian and all the animals, and a few riffs, and the cameos, but that’s about it. Hopefully TRTB will cut the chaff out of their commentary more effectively in the future.

Next up: time travellers, apparently!


One thought on “MST3K 11×02: Attack of the Clone

  1. Having watched halfway through again, I was too harsh. There are a lot more laughs and less chaff than it seemed like on the first view. I also forgot to mention that Kinga’s part during the invention exchange segment is good. I also also didn’t notice the cereal boxes during the raccoon skit; as someone at mst3kinfo pointed out, they’re parodies of the main characters so far in the movie.


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