MST3K 11×03: The Search For Danny

“We only have ten minutes before the real scientists return from lunch, let’s do this!”

Movie: The Time Travellers, a generic title for a fairly generic movie

OK: The riffing pace is back within mortal parameters, and again the vast majority ranges from amusing to hilarious. I am liking the movie posters on the movie-sending vat. The invention exchange is good, the first three host segments are particularly good, the camaraderie is really good, it’s good to have a chance to get more used to Gypsy’s voice (sounding good now) and Kinga’s personality, it’s pretty much all good this episode.

It stinks: Google datamining, or really, datamining in general. If only that would fade away as one of MST3K’s dated references. And oh, that Danny. Every movie so far has had a particularly annoying character.

Saaay . . .: For people who only just accidentally stumbled into a means of time travel, uh, somehow, they seem awfully sure of how time travel logic works. (“You can’t go back and warn everyone, because the nuclear devastation happened, therefore there was no effective warning!” That’s the first, sane assumption, yes, but given what’s at stake, nobody’s willing to argue the more speculative possibilities?)

There was a lot of hocus-pocus in this film. I suspect it would have been fairly dreary without the visual effects.

Jonah commits the first substantial verbal flub I remember noticing, as he trips over his w’s and r’s in one of the host segments.

I’m still wishing they’d played up the showboating in the theme sequence a little more. Part of the show’s charm is that it’s low-budget, but I think they could have safely made it just a touch snappier.

Push the button: Episode #200 is another winner. It’s a solid performance from start to finish.

Next up: an avalanche. Probably. Some of these movies don’t exactly deliver what the title promises.

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