MST3K 11×04: A New Slope

“Every color of wrong coming straight out of you. That’s impressive.”

The movie: Avalanche, which delivers what it promises if you don’t look too closely

OK: That love song segment is long but brilliant. The titles list is pretty funny too, and the Mads panicking and trying to get in on the action is a good example of how to add value to a joke. The riffs, for me, got consistently strong about the time of the second ice-skating sequence, with the riffers inventing one maneuver after another for the first skater and then giving the second skater maneuvers with boring names, and didn’t let down afterwards.

It stinks: The riffs do eventually get synched correctly with the movie, so that they don’t keep arriving a fraction of a second early, right?

Saaay . . .: The movie starts several character arcs and never does much with them. Sometimes that’s life, but it doesn’t do much with anything else either, so let this be a story maybe? Maybe it’s just a lack of experience with the 1970s school of filming, but the overall film doesn’t feel put together very well.

Gypsy has a good singing voice now.

I was worried the “lunch” and “code” jokes were going to be run into the ground — it’s happened before — but J&TB wisely let up on them after a while.

“You know what this movie needs?” “Name tags.” I agree, but then I need them for a lot of movies and TV shows.

I like the bots spontaneously playing with toys to “accidentally” cover up onscreen nudity. It’s less clunky and funnier than just sticking the bumper planet over the offending patch of celluloid.

Push the button: I enjoyed it a lot, especially once the second ice-skating segment hit. And I’m beginning to see why people are already asking about an album of the songs for this season.

Next up: a beast and a hollow mountain.


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