MST3K 11×06: Crash Gordon

“I feel like I’m watching a community theater production of Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Movie: Starcrash, an aptly named Star Wars copycat about crashed ships that itself crashes and burns

OK: The riffing isn’t as spectacular as it’s been at times, but it’s consistently sharp and on point. The movie is entertainingly, incoherently bad, especially whenever some element is clearly ripped off from Star Wars. And how about that Beach Boys parody?

It stinks: Noticing the riffs being out-of-sync agaiiin . . .

Say . . .: The movie could have been okay, rip-off factor aside, with decent acting and a plot that didn’t depend on deus ex machinae and Acton reading ahead in the script. And with a police robot that stayed menacing instead of becoming all folksy American South for no good reason. Yeesh.

Joel talks in an interview about having the chance to have a plot of his own this season. I wonder if the brief blackout during the “Send them the movie” spiel is connected to the ghostiness that Joel/Arby complained about in a previous episode. At any rate, it looks like Max has a genuine thing for Kinga.

The bots get in quite a bit of visual humor in the theater this episode.

A curious number of Fugitive Alien elements in the first five minutes or so, right up to a spaceship hiding in an alien canyon. Speaking of incompetence shared with other bad stories, the protagonists find a “crashed” spaceship that plowed up an awfully short furrow by a body of water.

Push the button: The cameo I was hoping for never happened, but still another good solid episode. And hey, Jerry Seinfeld.

Next time: We check in with Littlefoot and the gang, worn out after like fifty sequels.


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