MST3K 11×08: Herculean Contact

“Thesaurus: The Movie.”

The movie: The Loves of Hercules, all three of them, except for all the others

OK: Another nice invention exchange.

Jonah’s new robot is distinctive-looking, by which I mean it looks unique and it looks like it wasn’t designed by the same person who built Crow and Tom. That’s one of the more fun segments in a while. Jonah must’ve been so excited about J. Sniffles or whatever that he underestimated the bots’ severe sibling rivalry issues (see: Time Travelers).

It stinks: Nothing particularly bad that I noticed. It just never puts together a string of killer riffs or anything. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad episode, just not A+ material.

Saaay . . .: I get it now. With a host segment before the theme, Joel prevents Netflix from doing their annoying “skip the theme song” thing when you’re marathoning a show.

Cantaloupe Lady is very unimpressive, and the movie doesn’t get much better. Eight-odd minutes into the episode, I was already jotting a note that the movie feels as cleverly plotted and acted as if some ten-year-old got hold of the family digital camera.

Queen Fainty: I must still undergo . . . The Great Trial! KJ: Why? Me: Why anything this movie?

At least the people-trees were a neat visual, even if some of them looked to be made of cardboard.

Something that’s happening more often this season is that J&tB just flat-out critique plot holes and bad sets and the like. From experience, I can say that that isn’t bad per se, but you have to limit it and keep it funny. Even just give the line a humorous delivery.

Push the button: Not one of the “great” episodes, but still enjoyable. Probably the sort of episode one puts on when it’s a lazy day and one wants to kick back and watch an episode one hasn’t seen in a while.

Next up: Yongary, whoever that is.


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