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nuWho 1×10: The Doctor Dances

Okay, so we left our heroes cornered by hive-mind zombies intent on infecting them with gas masks. Just your standard cliffhanger. The Doctor tries telling the hospital bunch that he’s angry with them and they should go to their rooms. … Continue reading

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nuWho 1×09: The Empty Child

Great title, huh? The teaser isn’t much on plot, though, as we find the TARDIS chasing a mysterious distress signal–emitting cylinder that is headed for London by way of a mess of time tracks (the space equivalent of the Underground). … Continue reading

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2016 reading list

Not as many as I expected to read, since I went on one of my periodic Agatha Christie kicks, but the new books I read in 2016 were: The Only Pirate At The Party — Lindsey Stirling and her sister … Continue reading

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nuWho 1×08: Father’s Day

We open with a flashback to Rose’s childhood. Jackie is telling her about how wonderful Rose’s father, Pete, was, and how he would have liked to have seen her. Little Rose is listening seriously, as children will do . . … Continue reading

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The bleeding has lessened

So last week the Blues dropped out of the playoffs with a loss to the Sharks. It was an ugly final score, 5-2, in a conference finals that had a lot of ugly final scores. It was the end of … Continue reading

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Bats vs. Supes: The List Also Rises

Unperturbed by thoughts of “Shouldn’t I wait until I’ve seen it?”, it’s . . . The Top Eight Unexpected Events in Batman vs. Superman 8. The appearance of an actual character named Dawn, hailing from Justice, Michigan, who shows up … Continue reading

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2500 House Rules

Because we couldn’t seem to find a source online that sets out the rules the way we play it. 2500 is a fun card game, and fairly easy to play once you’ve gone through a hand or two. I recommend … Continue reading

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