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Easter 2018

Well, that was quite a year for me, with a move north, a baby growing into toddlerhood, and of course all the upheaval going on in the greater world. But I survived and thrived, and here we are. With a nicer look to the blog, even.

Last year, this blog covered the new season (with more to come) of MST3K. Woooo! Rewatching the season, I find I didn’t see the cast chemistry (in particular, the Mads’) until late in the season, but it was pretty much there all along. I also appreciate Wizards II more, but I still think it’s a letdown from I, and the Hercules episode is still the low point of the season for me. And the submarine episode is still the dark horse.

I also got through the first season of the Doctor Who relaunch, and (toddler willing) will try to keep a slightly faster pace this year. There are a few episodes and seasons in the future I’m just so pumped to talk about, and it’d be nice to get there before the self-driving car apocalypse kills us all.

As for the more serious and more personal posts I mentioned in 2017’s Easter installment . . . I posted one of them. Arguably a second, but that was just a warmup to get started talking about computer games, before I delve into ones more dear to my heart. I’m very much an introvert, with strong privacy instincts, so it’s hard to expose the rawer parts of my thinking for all to see. I get started writing in the clarity and heat of the moment, and then just don’t finish. But it’s part of my duty to try to contribute, however minute the effect may turn out to be, to the betterment of the world, and talking about things productively is one of my talents. So that’s going to happen every once in a while. Jesus died to make us better people, the least I can do is give a pep talk every now and then. So, a blessed retroactive Easter to everyone, and happy spring to those who don’t still have several inches of white winter on the ground. To the rest of us . . . patience.

(Oh, and, hey, my next post will be the fiftieth on this blog. Yay me.)


Third theme’s the charm?

You know what’s even better than orange?


That last theme really lacked something, didn’t it? But it’s gone now, and this theme is here to hopefully stay a good long while. It feels much more comfortable to me. Better colors, and a dropdown menu for the archives. And sometimes a duck stares the reader in the eyes.

I have started on the next Doctor Who review. (Spoiler: The TARDIS takes them somewhere and it’s dangerous.) No promises as to when it’ll be done, but until then, have some pictures of baby cheetahs.

Easter 2017

Easter this year finds me in the midst of a lot of real-life upheaval and change, notably with a baby learning to walk, but all hopefully for the eventual best. As such, even though I’m buckling down to recommit myself to this blog, it’s hard to say what will happen over the next twelve months.

I expect my continuing Doctor Who reviews will provide sort of a backbone of updates off of which to build, with the new MST3K also showing up every once in a while. There are also several other reviews of a more personal nature, ones that I’ve been meaning to do for many years, that I hope I will get to before the year is out. Some of those reflections referred to in the subtitle might start popping up, too.

I hope you had a blessed Easter, and here’s to a productive rest of the year!