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Third theme’s the charm?

You know what’s even better than orange?


That last theme really lacked something, didn’t it? But it’s gone now, and this theme is here to hopefully stay a good long while. It feels much more comfortable to me. Better colors, and a dropdown menu for the archives. And sometimes a duck stares the reader in the eyes.

I have started on the next Doctor Who review. (Spoiler: The TARDIS takes them somewhere and it’s dangerous.) No promises as to when it’ll be done, but until then, have some pictures of baby cheetahs.


Easter 2017

Easter this year finds me in the midst of a lot of real-life upheaval and change, notably with a baby learning to walk, but all hopefully for the eventual best. As such, even though I’m buckling down to recommit myself to this blog, it’s hard to say what will happen over the next twelve months.

I expect my continuing Doctor Who reviews will provide sort of a backbone of updates off of which to build, with the new MST3K also showing up every once in a while. There are also several other reviews of a more personal nature, ones that I’ve been meaning to do for many years, that I hope I will get to before the year is out. Some of those reflections referred to in the subtitle might start popping up, too.

I hope you had a blessed Easter, and here’s to a productive rest of the year!